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There are many benefits of drawing for children. Many experts express the purpose and function of drawing for early childhood. According to Ade Hensuska through drawing activities, children can carve out feelings, express feelings, express desires, and share experiences. In addition, drawing activities can also train children’s creative abilities.

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The purpose of drawing activities in early childhood education is intended to make the ability to practice an art which is realized by the skill of expressing ideas, ideas, experiences, observations into lines, shapes, and colors according to the drawing tools used. Thus, drawing learning that is suitable for early childhood education is by drawing freely, imaginative drawing, and coloring it. Drawing and coloring activities provide many benefits for early childhood.

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By giving lessons or training on drawing and coloring, the child’s right brain will be honed, which will eventually make him have high creativity. Through drawing, children can pour a variety of images in their heads. Through the drawings he made, children can express all hidden ideas and opinions. Thus, it is not wrong to say that images can enhance children’s creativity.

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For example, children are learning to draw a horse that is grazing in the greenery of the fields. In drawing the horse, the child will certainly try a lot to find out what is around the animal.

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Whatever the results of the paintings contained, are the results of the ideas and abilities of children. If children have high creativity and intelligence, then the paintings they produce will be good. But if not, then the painting will look ordinary, even the quality will tend to be below the standard painting of children in general.

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From the explanations above, it can be concluded that basically, this drawing activity can provide good benefits to children. In addition, benefits that cannot be seen directly, children who get drawing activities experience excitement and enthusiasm in school, positive discipline, have reading and understanding reading skills, and concepts and their mathematical concepts are more advanced.

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