Animals or animals that live in the world are generally classified into two large groups, namely vertebrates and invertebrates, namely classification of animals based on their spine. You can read the article: Classification of Animals based on Vertebrates and Invertebrates. You can see the pictures on Animal Cell Coloring Quickly Usage.

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In addition to the Classification of Animals, there are also various types of animal classification such as based on the type of food, type of place of life, body cover, how to move, how to breathe and based on the way animals breed.

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The following are some types of animal classification and examples of animal species belonging to it. Animal Classification Based on the place of his life. Classification of animals based on the place of life.  You just need to download Animal Cell Coloring Quickly Usage.

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Animals that live in water; Aquatic animals consist of animals that live in seawater namely snapper fish, sardines fish, tuna fish, mackerel fish, tuna fish and so on. While animals that live in freshwater include Gurame, Tilapia, Mujair Fish and so on.

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Animals that live on land and water, this type of animal is usually called an amphibian (Amphibia) which is a vertebrate animal that lives in two realms. Examples of Amphibians include Frogs, Lizards, and Sesilia.

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Examples of animals that cover their bodies are scales including snakes and fish
Hairy Animals; Examples of animals covered by fur include chickens, birds, ducks, and geese. Hairy Animals; Examples of hairy animals include cats, dogs, monkeys, bears, lions and many more. You need to use Animal Cell Coloring Quickly Usage.