Have you ever know about Ariel? Well, Ariel has a long story. The story of Ariel becomes our inspiration to provide Ariel Mermaid Coloring Pages.

ariel mermaid coloring pages 1

ariel mermaid coloring pages 1. Image via www.3.bp.blogspot.com

King Triton is the mighty king of the sea, he has many daughters. They love the underwater world where they live. But Ariel is his youngest child, dreaming of the world above the surface of the water, the human world. Even though his father had warned him not to go into the human world, Ariel ignored him. He often swam to the surface of the sea to see the world above the surface of the water.

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ariel mermaid coloring pages 2. Image via www.disneyclips.com

Ariel and his best friend named Flounder, love to visit Skate the seagull. Skate told them about all the human goods found by Ariel on the sea floor. One day King Triton learned that Ariel often went to sea level. Knowing that King Triton was very angry. He worried about the safety of his daughter Ariel. King Triton asks his trusted friend, Sebastian the crab to watch over Ariel.

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ariel mermaid coloring pages 3. Image via www.disneyclips.com

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ariel mermaid coloring pages 4. Image via www.bestcoloringpagesforkids.com

When Ariel appeared on the surface of the water, Ariel saw a large ship full of sailors who sang and danced. Ariel’s eyes glowed when he saw the stout young man, the other sailors called him Prince Erik. Ariel fell in love with Prince Erik at first glance. Suddenly the sky darkened and lightning struck. The ship that Prince Erik rode was no match for the terrible storm. The ship was tossed around, the waves were huge and immediately Prince Erik was thrown into the sea.

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ariel mermaid coloring pages 5. Image via www.3.bp.blogspot.com

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