Do you know about the baby? Meanwhile, behind a tiny body, an adorable face, and soft skin, there is a myriad of interesting facts that are rarely known to many people about newborns – maybe their own mother has not known it either. What are they?

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When newborn, the baby cries without tears.
Newborns do not produce tears until they are a few weeks old. This happens because the tear glands have not really developed perfectly. After about 2-3 months old, babies cry with tears. Because at that age the production of baby tears is increasing.

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Newborns can hear, smell and see well
When newborn, the ability to hear babies is not perfect, because the middle ear is still filled with fluid, which is a little annoying hearing. But the baby can recognize his mother’s voice, the voice that he always hears most clearly when the baby is still in the womb. Therefore, the baby responds better to the sound of his mother than the voices of others. Even a newborn who falls asleep can recognize his mother’s voice in only one word and can activate the brain associated with his language abilities

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