Baby Groot Coloring Page Templates can be downloaded only by clicking on the right.

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Baby Groot Coloring Page Templates can be downloaded only by clicking on the right and select save and select save to download.

baby groot coloring page 1

baby groot coloring page 1. Image via

If there is a debate about the funniest & cutest characters in 2017, the two main candidates, of course, are Borg from Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Baby Groot from Guardians of The Galaxy Vol.2. But there was a big question from fans about this Baby Groot character. Many believe that Baby Groot is the reincarnation of Groot in the film Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2, but not a few say if Baby Groot is a child from Groot. This was finally confirmed by the director, James Gunn.

baby groot coloring page 2

baby groot coloring page 2. Image via

baby groot coloring page 3

baby groot coloring page 3. Image via

According to Gunn, Baby Groot was a child from Groot, and he confirmed that Groot had died in his first film. This he revealed via twitter when mediating debates among fans about the original Baby Groot figure.

baby groot coloring page 4

baby groot coloring page 4. Image via

baby groot coloring page 5

Baby Groot coloring page 5. Image via

Interestingly, Gunn’s statement gave Baby Groot a little extra connection to his fellow Guardian of The Galaxy, namely Peter Quill aka Star-Lord. He was abandoned by his father and his deceased mother, Star-Lord and was kidnapped and raised by Yondu with his Ravagers, until finally, he realized that Yondu was a true ‘father’ figure. This connection had been revealed in the post-credit Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2 when Star-Lord told Teen Groot to clean his room and commented that now he knew how Yondu felt when he raised him.

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All in all, you can use Baby Groot Coloring Page Templates.

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