Long holidays are fun, especially for children. They can momentarily forget about school assignments, wake up later and go to bed late, they can free to play with video games and collection of toys, also more free time to play with friends and siblings without worrying that tomorrow they must return to school regularly.


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But when the holiday ends, some children feel lazy to go back to the routine of going to school because they are accustomed to a relaxed holiday atmosphere. Lazy getting up early, eating breakfast slowly, and going to school with a grim face seemed to be familiarly decorating the morning activities before leaving school after a long holiday.

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Relaxing holiday activities make children easily swayed. Before entering the school routine, remind children of school activities such as preparing books that must be taken and homework that has not been completed. It aims to prepare the child mentally, so as not to be surprised by the change from mental holiday to mental school routine.

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In the first day of the school after a long holiday, you can use Back to School Coloring Pages. Try to download the coloring pages firstly.

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After that, you can share the coloring pages, namely Back to School Coloring Pages, to your students.

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Back to School Coloring Pages is very suitable worksheets used for your first day of the class.