Did you know that there is a film named Ballerina?

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Well, we have Ballerina Coloring Pages. A coloring pages which portray the story of Ballerina.

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The story of Ballerina is so inspiring that the film directed by director Eric Summer and Éric Warin is worth watching by children and teenagers.

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Ballerina’s film was set in France in around 1879. An orphan girl named Felicie (Elle Fanning) has a dream of becoming a professional ballet dancer. Unfortunately, Felicie has lived in an orphanage since childhood, which made her life like a frog in a shell. Moreover, caregivers and nuns always relax Felicie’s determination to reach her dreams.

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One scene in the film Ballerina. Felicie’s dream (Elle Fanning) learning ballet at the Grand Opera finally came true. Not necessarily giving up. Together with his friend Victor (Dane DeHann), Felicie tried to escape from the orphanage. Moreover, he heard the news that his dream could be realized by learning to dance at the Grand Opera located in Paris. With strong determination, Felicie and Victor ventured to Paris even without carrying any provisions.

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Ballerina Coloring Pages can be downloaded only by clicking on the right and select save to download.

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All in all, we hope you can use Ballerina Coloring Pages. Do not forget to use the coloring pages in your class.