There may not be a toy that has been so popular for years besides Barbie dolls. Do you know what’s interesting about Barbie dolls to be able to hypnotize girls around the world? Before that, let’s learn with Barbie Coloring Pages Beautiful Sheets.

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The birth of Barbie Dolls began with the concern of Ruth Handler when she saw her daughter – Barbara – who played with paper dolls and treated the doll-like an adult human. At that time (the 1950s), toys produced in America were toys for babies, while the pictures of the babydolls are available on Barbie Coloring Pages Beautiful Sheets.

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And seeing his son’s interactions with the paper dolls, Ruth – who at the time had already set up Mattel’s toy company – seized the opportunity to make toys for children over five years old. At that time, Elliot Handler – her husband who was also one of Mattel’s founders – was not too enthusiastic about his wife’s ideas.

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The idea later became Ruth’s obsession with her family on holiday in Germany in 1956. At a toy store, she found a toy doll named Bild Lilli. The doll, which is based on a cartoon created by Reinhard Beuthin, is quite popular in Germany. Seeing the children’s interest in the doll, finally opened the eyes of Elliot and Ruth to make a kind of doll produced in their country, the United States. Well, what are you waiting for? Quickly grab Barbie Coloring Pages Beautiful Sheets for quick usage.

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