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The Beagle Coloring Pages is inspired by the dog type named beagle.

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Beagle is a type of dog that has existed in the United Kingdom since the beginning of the mid-1500s and is used to hunt rabbits and guinea pigs. At that time, Beagle dogs were much smaller in size than today’s standard Beagle dogs. Because of the small size of this dog, they were named Pocket Beagle in the 16th century, because they were small enough to put in a pocket and less than 25 cm tall.

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Now, Beagle dogs are known as one of the most popular dog breeds. The first time the popularity of this friendly family dog jumped was the cartoon “Snoopy” in the 1950s. Since then, the Beagle has become one of the classic American dogs.

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Although Beagle dogs are small dogs, it does not mean that they only need a little exercise. Beagle is a type of dog that is quite active (for their size) that at least must be invited to walk for 30 minutes to remove their excess energy. Problems can occur if the Beagle does not get enough exercise, such as being overweight and nervous. So be sure to take your Beagle for a walk every day.

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Despite the fact that Beagle dogs are intelligent dogs, they are animals that are quite difficult to train. Although intelligence and training are always regarded as things that can go hand in hand, in fact, this is not always true. Beagles are classified as dogs that are difficult to train because they are very independent breeds of dogs.

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Training Beagle dogs about certain commands must begin at an early age, ie when they are still puppies or puppies. Some common behavioral problems that often occur in Beagle dogs include excessive howl, digging of the ground, and incorrectly following smells from his nose. Because these problems are natural in Beagle dogs, there are so many things you can do to prevent these problems.

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