Hello everyone, how are you today? On this edition, we have Children’s Homework Sheets.

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Teachers sometimes provide homework (homework) to children so that they do not forget what they have learned during learning. The goal is certainly good so that children do not forget the lesson because they are lulled by holidays. But it is also a good idea that children are left to enjoy the holidays by playing, whether it’s on weekends, or during holidays after the exam.

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Most children who are tired of daily activities at school, always look forward to holidays. Holidays can make them discover new things that can be done. If every day they are always preoccupied with learning activities, during holidays they will have more playing time. However, there are usually teachers who will give homework as a “gift” vacation.

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For teachers and parents, there’s no harm in letting your child enjoy their day off. In fact, invite them to actively move by playing outside the home. Because there are many benefits to them.

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