Troopers and Star Wars are two things that cannot be separated, it seems impossible if we talk about the Star Wars movie, whatever it is, without remembering the Troopers who are one of the icons of this film franchise. And maybe some movie holics don’t know Troopers, Troopers are characters in Star Wars. They were formed as the main defense for the Galactic Empire on land, sea, and air. Clone Trooper Coloring Pages can be grabbed the coloring pages for free.

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These Troopers first appeared in Star Wars Episode II as Clonetroopers (if sorted by Episodes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7) which are cloned from Django Fett. These forces were formed with the aim of maintaining the peace of the galaxy until finally, they were under the leadership of the Galactic Empire with the main command by Darth Vader. So even in the Rogue One movie: A Star Wars Story, even though the film is a spin-off, but we can still see the presence of the Troopers commanded by Darth Vader and other villagers namely Director Orson Krenn.
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But in the film, we will also see different types of Troopers, not only Stormtroopers but we will also see the action of Death Troopers dressed in black and look more fierce. Regardless of the two types of Troopers, there are many other Troopers that will be very interesting to discuss, what are the types? his expertise? Let’s discuss one by one the types of Troopers present in Star Wars Universe.

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