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Activities that are often associated with these children are indeed starting to be popular among adults. This coloring trend also affects the whole world. Coloring books for adults are even best-selling works. Selling well Among the best-selling adult coloring books is a book by Scottish artist Johanna Bashford, entitled Secret Garden. This book first appeared in 2013 and sold 36,500 books a week in the United States.

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Business Insider said that Secret Garden Bashford’s sales had broken through 1.4 million copies until August 2015 alone. To this day 28 Secret variants have been printed on the international market. The Independent news website says, Bashford globally has sold more than 10 million coloring books sold throughout the world. Bashford’s second coloring book entitled Enchanted Forest has sold more than 226,000 copies. One fan who likes Johanna’s work is Zooey Deschanel. This Hollywood artist then promoted the book through his Facebook account.

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Well, you can use Coloring Book App Printable for free!