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Coraline Jones (played by Dakota Fanning) is an only child from a married couple who works as a freelance writer. Their families can be regarded as poor families, especially when Mel Jones’s parents (played by Teri Hatcher) and Charlie Jones (played by John Hodgman) decide to sell their house and move to a 150-year old apartment in a remote area.

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Coraline hated the apartment called the Pink Palace Apartment. The neighbors look weird and creepy. And he could only find a skinny black cat that was dirty with a strange boy named Wybourn Lovet (played by Robert Bailey Jr.). Coraline didn’t like Wybourne because she talked too much. But Wybourne was kind enough to give him an old doll that turned out to be very similar to Coraline. He then put a cloth doll like him on a chair in his room.

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He also has a neighbor who likes to play magic named Mr. Bobinsky (played by Ian McShane), and a pair of old women who were once famous artists, Miriam (played by Dawn French) and April (played by Jennifer Saunders)

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coraline coloring pages 3. Image via www.coloringtop.com

Coraline’s days were very boring. He missed his friends in the big city. He also hates situations where both of his parents are too busy with their writing (chasing deadlines) so that no one cares to spend time with him. He always looked for ways to disturb his parents, so they were angry.

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