In Cars 3, the racing cars that appear are different from the first Cars series. Now, cars look much more sophisticated and technologically. Just look at Jackson. Because with this modification, watching Cars 3 is different from the cars that we know before. You need to use Creative People Use Cars 3 Coloring Pages.

cars 3 coloring pages 1

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But it’s not the case for Lightning. I think Pixar wants us to be nostalgic with Lightning McQueen that everyone knows when the first Cars were released.

cars 3 coloring pages 2

cars 3 coloring pages 2. Image via

cars 3 coloring pages 3

cars 3 coloring pages 3. Image via

In terms of sound, cars in Cars also experienced an increase compared to before. The engine sound is far more realistic for a racing car and the sound of the car braking is very clear. Cars 3 tells an interesting story. The story is difficult to guess and also fun, both for parents and children. Quite often I hear the voices of children excited when watching in theaters yesterday. The picture of the cars can be seen on Creative People Use Cars 3 Coloring Pages.


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The combination of characters is also very interesting, especially how Disney does not display Doc Hudson’s characters directly. For those who don’t know, Paul Newman, who became the voice of Doc died in 2008. However, his character seems to still exist and plays an important role in Cars’ story this time.

cars 3 coloring pages 5

cars 3 coloring pages 5. Image via

Overall Cars 3 presents interesting stories for both children and adults. The animation made by Pixar also shows progress compared to the previous Cars series. This film is highly recommended to watch! You can use Creative People Use Cars 3 Coloring Pages.

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