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One day, Ryuta, a child who was very fond of dinosaurs, was carried by a mysterious lithograph and experienced time slips into the age of dinosaurs. There he met a small dinosaur named King and learned of an evil organization called the Akuto group which intended to dominate the world by harnessing the power of dinosaurs. In order to save King’s mother who was kidnapped by the Akuto group and to protect all dinosaurs, Ryuta and King confront Akuto’s group Ryuta is also reunited with his best friend Rex in this era. Together with Rex, the battle of the dinosaurs against the Akuto group is even more intense.

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This 2-volume comic is the work of Japanese comic artist Youhei Sakai. Tells the story of a teenager named Ryuta who really likes dinosaurs following in the footsteps of his father, professor Kodai, a leading dinosaur researcher. When doing research, Ryuta saw a strange object that caught his attention. Lithographic objects that suddenly took him to the age of dinosaurs. There Ryuta meets a baby dinosaur that has just hatched from an egg. But afterward, Ryuta was shocked by the arrival of Tyrannosaurus who suddenly wanted to attack him but was stopped by a grandfather who was driving a flying capsule.

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The grandfather is Dr. Sonoida, the leader of a group of genius scientists who wanted to bring dinosaurs to the future with the aim of taking over the world. Because he refused to join, Dr. Sonoida ordered Tyrannosaurus, which had been fitted with chips to attack Ryuta. A Triceratops came to Ryuta monolog and dinosaur baby.

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This comic has a story that is quite entertaining and exciting. But because this comic is intended for children, so don’t be surprised because it is delusional to be able to communicate with dinosaurs and dinosaurs have special powers. For example, Triceratops can fire lightning energy from its horns. Opponents who are faced are also childish who have even more reasons to join the Akuto group.
This comic tries to introduce dinosaurs to children and teach friendship. The story is simply about Ryuta, a teenager who is friendly with King, a baby dinosaur against the Akuto group who wants to rule the world by bringing dinosaurs to the future. Ryuta is assisted by Rex, his best friend, and other dinosaurs. They together attacked Akuto’s headquarters to stop Dr.’s ambitions. Sonoida also saved his mother, King.

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dinosaur king coloring pages 5. Image via www.coloringway.com

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