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dora coloring pages christmas

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Dora is a very interactive funny animated film which is very educational. Dora The Explorer was first aired by the Nickelodeon channel in the United States in 2000. During his adventure, he always carried his backpack and a folder that could sing funny songs. He also did not forget to bring other equipment that could speak. His adventures are equipped with a mouse on the screen that is clicked to determine the choice of road to be taken. Dora asked the audience and waited for a response from them. Dora always makes adventures to a place and must go through various obstacles. She always carries his adventure equipment in his favorite backpack given by his parents. The backpack always provides solutions for Dora’s adventures but of course, with the help of the audience.

dora coloring pages dora and boots

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In several episodes, Dora introduced her cousin Diego who worked as an animal rescuer and then accompanied Dora on an adventure. Every episode of Dora, she always shows examples and trains the ability to make decisions, follow instructions, numeracy skills, music, physical coordination and English and Spanish language transfer that is very interactive. Dora invites the audience to speak and express their opinions. This makes children able to be honed. Dora the Explorer is still produced today.

dora coloring pages dora

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Dora and his company developed this character by releasing a book containing Dora and various kinds of Dora accessories. This event appeared in the UK even though it was made in Spanish, forming work for young audiences about life and real experiences.

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