Hen there is the depiction of rabbits and eggs that like to be called Easter Bunny and Easter Egg, what does that have to do with Jesus’ Resurrection? The history of this Easter celebration comes from the celebration of the goddess Eastre sometimes called Eostre who was a goddess of spring and fertility that was worshiped by the Teutonic tribes in pre-Christian times in Germany. You can get the pictures of it on the image of Dr Seuss here on Dr Seuss Coloring Pages For All Ages


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According to the legend of the era, where the Teutonic tribes who had converted to Christianity, the missionaries took and exchanged Easter celebrations as a celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus, which also happened to fall in early spring. Just download Dr Seuss Coloring Pages For All Ages for free.

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At first, it merely continued the tradition of the Teutonic spring celebration, but its meaning and purpose have changed.

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Through the transfer and development of words, at that time Eastre became Esostarum (Old German) and became Easter in English (Anglo-Saxon).

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In Spanish it is known as Pascua, in French Jacques, these two words come from Greek and Latin Pascha or Pasch which means Passover (Hebrew: Pesach) which is to commemorate the departure of the Israelites from Egypt in ancient times, known as Jewish Passover. You just download Dr Seuss Coloring Pages For All Ages for free.

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