Many European mythologies tell stories about many fairy tales about creatures called elves. Elf Seringkai is associated with something good and funny. There is a story that says that they live in the forest and preserve the forest. Some said they were able to read and predict when disaster would come. You can use our collections called Elf Coloring Pages for Students Tools. 

In fact, there is a story that says if they are good spirits in a tree in the oak forest. Behind that, it turns out that much we do not know about who and what is an elf? Are they really that good? What does the elf look like and look like? And what are the types of elves? Just download Elf Coloring Pages for Students Tool for free.

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In general, elves are a kind of mythological creature that resembles humans but has a shorter height than the average human. They are also slim, flexible or nimble and able to move very fast compared to humans. They are an average of five to six feet tall with a weight of ninety-five to one hundred thirty-five pounds. Male elves are seen from their body more muscular and heavier than female elves.

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Sometimes some male elves are also physically seen from well-maintained beards and mustaches. Their general characteristics besides their small body are their long, wide, and pointed ears at the ends. Most elves have golden skin and dark hair. They are also given the ability to maintain compared to other races, seen from the way they dress well and neatly. Elf is able to wake up longer and not sleep like most other creatures.

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The average sleep about four hours a day. It makes them less susceptible to sleeping spells and is also more active than other races. Elves also do not experience aging or increase in age that looks physically like other creatures. On average they look like they are twenty-five years old from birth to the end they die.

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What makes them older as they age physically is that their strength decreases but mentally they get stronger. In German mythology and legend, elves or alp are categorized as supernatural beings. Described as having magical power, the elves used it to disturb humans. You can get our tools for free with  Elf Coloring Pages for Students Tools. 

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