Farmers are people whose jobs are farming on agricultural land. The definition of a farmer states that a farmer is a person who performs a suitable crop from his farm or raises livestock for the purpose of earning a living from that activity. You can download Farm Coloring Pages For Kids and Girls for quick usage

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The definition of farmers mentioned above is inseparable from the notion of agriculture. argues that agriculture is a human activity that continues to work with the intention of obtaining the results of plants or animal products, without causing damage to nature. Just download Farm Coloring Pages For Kids and Girls.

Starting from the above understanding, it can be said that between farmers and agriculture cannot be separated from one another. Therefore the difference only lies in the object.

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Native farmers are farmers who own their own land, not both gazers and tenants. Original farmers, for example, yes, I own my own land, working on my own. If it’s a fake, we just sit in the middle. We buy at most one year. Rent.

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According to him, no matter how small the land owned by a farmer, he is still called a native farmer if he owns his own land. Conversely, even if someone is able to control large tracts of land, but the land that he controls is not his own, he cannot be called a native farmer, but a small-scale farmer.

According to him, no matter how large the land is controlled by small farmers, he cannot be called a rich man. Therefore, it is not surprising that a small-scale farmer cannot improve his social status in the structure of village communities based on his land tenure.

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From the description, it can be concluded, that what is meant by native farmers is farmers who own their own land – not tenants- regardless of whether the land is directly cultivated by itself or worked by farm laborers. You can get Farm Coloring Pages For Kids and Girls for free.