Last Thursday, Niantic released the Pokemon Go update by adding more than 80 new Pokémon monsters that you can catch or get from the evolution of the old Pokémon. In the update, Niantic also includes two new evolution of Eevee that you can get. Eevee is a unique Pokémon that you can control its evolution based on the name you give it. Just take the pictures of Free Downloadable Mbreon Coloring Pages with you and your sheets would be ready for you.

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As you well know, you can adjust the evolution of Eevee. By changing its name first before evolving. Pyro evolved into Flareon (Fire type), Sparky evolved into Jolteon (Electric type), and Rainer evolves into Vaporeon (Water-type). Quickly use Free Downloadable Mbreon Coloring Pages.

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Well, in the latest update you can get Espeon (Psychic type) and Umbreon (Dark-type). The method is still the same, namely by changing the name of Eevee before evolve: Sakura later evolved into Espeon, and Tamao later evolved into Umbreon
Remember, you must have 25 Eevee candies first to be able to evolve.

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In addition to the new Pokémon, Niantic also added 2 types of berries that you can get and use in the game. The first type is the Berry Nanab which serves to weaken the movement of the Pokémon so it is more easily captured and the second is Pinap Berry to multiply the candy obtained. You can get Free Downloadable Mbreon Coloring Pages for your quick usage.

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