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A mother complains that her child who is in grade 3 elementary school has revealed that she is stressed. When you think about it, you may think that the children seem to get a lot of pressure, both from the teachers in the school and parents with expectations that are sometimes less realistic in order to fulfill the ideals of the parents who were not successful.

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Parents should not emphasize value, graduation, and degree, because the essence of learning does not lie in it all. I remember my experience when I was in elementary school. I am very weak in the field of mathematics. Every time I will test mathematics, my parents make a lot of practice questions that cover all the subject matter that has been taught. That day I would have slept very late because my parents kept insisting that I finish all the questions until I cried crying for this to end. Until the next morning, my parents still tried to use the last minute and sometimes even at the school gate I was still stuffed with formulas that had to be memorized.

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