Are you an animal lover? Several of these facts about frog will surprise you.

First, Only creature frogs in this world can jump 20 times their body length. Humans are only able to jump 4 times the length of their body or about 9 meters that have been reached by a long jump world champion.

frog coloring pages 1

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About how wide can we race? Try jumping and measuring!second, a frog is one of the extraordinary types of animals. Even though it is small, frogs can be used as an indicator of whether or not an environment is polluted.

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frog coloring pages 2. Image via

Some types of frogs and even meat can be used as a protein substitute food besides chicken and beef. You can see the picture of frog jumping in Frog Coloring Pages for 2019.

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frog coloring pages 3. Image via

Can we distinguish male and female frogs in just one glance? Can! Frogs have ears called tympanum. Located behind the eyes. Well, if the ear is bigger than the eye, the frog is male. If it’s smaller then the frog is a female. In addition, usually female body frogs are larger than males. In Frog Coloring Pages for 2019, there is no specific difference among male and female frog.

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Meanwhile, using Frog Coloring Pages for 2019 as the media to be used in your coloring class are very good for you. You can share your tough as an animal lover using Frog Coloring Pages for 2019.

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