Surfboard or surfboard is a longboard used by surfers to stand in the water and maneuver when dealing with waves. First created by ancient Hawaiians, surfboards at that time were made from the koa tree (Acacia koa), an endemic plant of the Hawaiian Islands, with boards up to 5 meters (15 feet) long. You can download the sheets such as Full Size of Surfboard Coloring Page which you can take from our collections.

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Because it is made of wood, ancient surfboards are very heavy. As technology develops, the shape and material of making surfboards develop rapidly from wood to fiberglass or epoxy so that they become lighter but still strong to hit the waves. Just take Full Size of Surfboard Coloring Page with you and get ready for good quality content!

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In order to be used maximally when surfing, the surfboard must have several parts, namely the front end of the surfboard (nose), the top side where the surfers stand (deck), the bottom side that comes in contact with water (bottom), the back end of the board (tail), the side left and right boards (rails), fins that are at the bottom back of the board (fin), wooden segments as the bones of the surfboard (stringer), holes in the posterior side of the top surfboard to tie the rope (leash cup), and leg straps surfer (leg rope).

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If you are a beginner surfer, make sure you understand the type of material used to make surfboards. Today, modern surfboards are made of fiberglass or epoxy. Both of these materials give different results to the surfboard.

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The use of fiberglass will produce surfboards that are more adaptive to ocean waves making it easier for professional surfers to maneuver but unfortunately, fiberglass surfboards are more easily broken. You can get Full Size of Surfboard Coloring PageĀ  here on our collection.

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