German Shepherd or dog Herder is a dog that originated in Germany. Previously, these dogs were dogs that were trained to help herd livestock. Due to it’s intelligent, agile, easy to train, obedient, and has a keen sense of smell, German Shepherd dogs are trained like dogs to help people with disabilities and sniffer dogs in the police and military. You can get the sheets such as German Shepherd Coloring Pages Full Version.

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German shepherd dogs are widely maintained today, either as guard animals, or pets and house pets. The German shepherd is made a family pet dog, generally because it can easily play with children, and has high loyalty in protecting all family members. The German shepherd is also called an All-Weather Dog, which is one dog that has strong fur and is resistant in all weather. Just download German Shepherd Coloring Pages Full Version with you and your sheets would be ready to take!

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These dogs tend to be aggressive dogs and like to attack humans. It happened because of the lack of handling and physical training when he was a child so that his character became unstable. Usually, this problem occurs when dog owners think that their dog is the leader so they feel no need to provide mental and physical training to their dogs.

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German Shepherd dogs like being close to their owners and protecting their owners. But he will be very wary of strangers and not easy to make new friends. Although German shepherd likes to be alone from new people, this dog will really like to follow its owner and tends to be warm towards people who are close and loved by their owners

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And because of its tough stamina, this dog is much wanted in the police and military. Its often curious nature makes them suitable to be used as guard dogs or involved in search missions. These dogs will be over-protective of their families and territories, so they often act aggressively. You can get German Shepherd Coloring Pages Full Version for quick usage.

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