What is meant by the Sun is a giant hot gas ball formed from hydrogen gas of 74% and 25% of isolated helium gas. The sun has a diameter of about 1,400,000 KM, its age is around 4,600 Billion Years and it’s surface temperature is 5,778 K, the Sun is the closest star to the earth, the sun is the center of the solar system and the light is white. Planets, satellites, asteroids, comets, and other celestial bodies evolve or circulate around the sun. The picture of the sun can be grabbed on Get Our Sun Coloring Page.

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sun coloring page 1. Image via www.bestcoloringpagesforkids.com

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The benefits of the sun are as an energy source for life on planet Earth. Heat energy from the sun will warm the earth so that it forms a climate, and its light is useful for illuminating the earth and also useful for living things such as plants that need sunlight for photosynthesis. (Read also: Definition of the solar system, its members, and the most complete arrangement). You can get the sheets for free on Get Our Sun Coloring Page.

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sun coloring page 3. Image via www.bestcoloringpagesforkids.com

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sun coloring page 4. Image via www.bestcoloringpagesforkids.com

The sun is a giant ball that is glowing, its constituents in the form of hydrogen gas by 74% and 25% helium which are isolated, besides that there are also other constituents such as nickel, silicon, sulfur, magnesium, neon, calcium, carbon, and chromium.

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sun coloring page 5. Image via www.bestcoloringpagesforkids.com

Based on solar research, it is now around 4,600 billion years old. The mass of the sun is estimated to be around 1989E30 kg. The sun’s gravitational force is around 28x gravity on earth. The sun has a mass of about 333,400 times the mass of the earth. You just need to grab Get Our Sun Coloring Page.

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