Giraffes have a latin name, ruminant, a ruminant may be a form of craniate animal that has even nails and is an outbreak animal originating from the African continent. The ruminant is the tallest animal that lives on this earth. as a result of having an extended leg and neck, the ruminant is ready to eat leaves on tall trees simply.

giraffe coloring pages child giraffe

giraffe coloring pages child giraffe. Image via

Besides having blessings in high body size, giraffes even have smart views in order that they will see threats or predators from long distances. so a ruminant is sometimes used as a reference for warning of danger by animals around it if there area unit predators are forthcoming.

giraffe coloring pages giraffe

giraffe coloring pages giraffe. Image via

Giraffe food is leaves, so giraffes area unit herbivores (plant eaters), the leaves most popular by giraffes area unit tree leaves, as a result of they contain plenty of water. therefore from that ruminant would not like plenty of water to drink.

giraffe coloring pages reading

giraffe coloring pages reading. Image via

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giraffe coloring pages run

giraffe coloring pages run. Image via

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