The Green Arrow is one of the most popular DC comic characters with strong archery skills. I mean extraordinary. The Green Arrow is the leader of the Arrow team which is tasked with eradicating crime in Starling City, a member of the justice league, even though he did not appear in the justice league. He first appeared in November 1941 and appeared in a comic titled More fun comic. The picture of sherlock can be found on Green Arrow Coloring Pages for Media. 

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The arrow is usually called vigilante or vigilante because he beat the criminals in his own way that sometimes does not obey the law. In combating crime he uses bows and arrows as well as great self-defense abilities.

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Green Arrow’s real name is Oliver Queen. Before becoming the green arrow he was a millionaire young man who lived in the city of Starling City. He was a spoiled, playboy, irresponsible young man and always dependent on others, especially his rich parents. You can download Green Arrow Coloring Pages for Media for free.

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But everything changed when he and his father were out on a cruise ship named Queen Gambit. The ship he was traveling in was hit by a storm and sank. He, his father and the captain survived onboard the lifeboat. But after a long float in the ocean, they began to run out of food and water reserves. Therefore, Oliver’s father also shot the captain with a gun and then killed himself to save the oil. Before shooting his own head he advised Oliver to stay strong and be stronger and told to repair his town which had been damaged by so many bad people.

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Finally, Oliver landed on an island called Lian Yu, he thought he was the only one on the island, but apparently there was someone else who was very dangerous. Oliver was on the island for 5 years and it was there that he practiced archery, martial arts, and survived with many threats. There he was trained by Slade Wilson who would later become his mortal enemy Deathstroke (This character is a character traced in a marvel that is Deadpool).

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After 5 years of living dangerously there, Oliver Queen was finally rescued by a fishing boat that received her signal from a distance. Oliver goes home and tries to fulfill his father’s last request to improve the city by defeating the bad guys.

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With the ability to be obtained from the wild and training from Slade Wilson finally he became The Green Arrow to eradicate the criminals who have damaged the city and make other people miserable. You are going to get Green Arrow Coloring Pages for Media.