The term “shopping” is generally only used in the public sector, not in the business sector. Expenditures in the public sector are related to budgeting, which is to show the amount of money that has been spent during a fiscal year. You need Grossery Gang Coloring Pages to PrintĀ  for free.

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This expenditure on public sector organizations is a distinctive feature that shows the uniqueness of the public sector compared to the business sector because spending in the public sector is conceptually different from the costs more commonly used in the business sector.

Shopping which in English “expenditure” has a broader meaning because it covers costs and costs. Expenditures can take the form of operating expenditure which is essentially an expense or capital expenditure which is an investment expenditure which is still a cost so that it will later be recognized in the balance sheet. Capital expenditure in the context of business accounting is not an activity that affects the income statement but affects the balance sheet. The Grossery Gang Coloring Pages for The Gang LoversĀ are free.

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Thus it is clear that in public sector organizations, especially government, every expense is an expenditure, but not all expenditure is a cost, because it could be a capital expenditure that is still a cost and not yet an expense.

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This expenditure even though it uses regional cash cannot be categorized as expenditure, because the purpose and mechanism of cash disbursement from the regional general cash account is different. Just download Grossery Gang Coloring Pages for The Gang Lovers for quick usage.

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Financing expenditure is a form of spending money from a regional general cash account which at one time will be received back, while expenditure is the expenditure of money from the general cash account of the country/region that will not be accepted again.

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If viewed from the mechanism of disbursing funds from the regional general cash account, there is a clear difference between financing and expenditure.