Are you a plant lover? Did you know that there is a unique plant named Hawaiian? This plant is another plant which has the uniqueness such as weed. This plant can make you hallucinate.

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One more plant that can make you hallucinate, Hawaiian Baby Woodrose? In contrast to salvia plants which are still relieved, the baby Hawaiian plants are actually neglected by the government because they are included in the type 1 narcotics group, regardless of their type, they are prohibited and face severe penalties.


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Actually, these plants are legalized, traded, can be planted as ornamental plants, but because the seeds are hallucinogenic, they are detected to contain extracts of LSA (d-lysergic acid amide, the seeds of beautiful flowering plants are also legalized for consumption.


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HBWR seeds are in hard-shelled pods, 1 pod usually contains 5 seeds HBWr.This seed, when consumed with a very excessive dose, will cause psychedelic effects that are bad for health, such as convulsions, poisoning, paranoia, nausea, and dizziness.

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hawaiian flower coloring page flower 4. Image via

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