No wrong answer like that. But do you realize that romanticizing love excessively can mislead your romance? If you have wrong thoughts, you yourself will be hurt and disappointed when living it. You need to use I Miss You Cards Downloadable.

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It has to do with the development of culture, more precisely in Europeans during the Industrial Revolution. At that time, the industrial machinery experienced rapid development so that the entrepreneurs were intensively producing as many goods as possible. You can use the sheets for I Miss You Cards Downloadable.

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As a result, workers are paid low because their energy is replaced by machines. Even so, the proletariat is still forced to work to support factory machinery.

At that time, the European community experienced the degradation of life due to lack of time to enjoy life. Instead of working or enjoying art, they prefer to work.

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As a result, life becomes monotonous because its activities are only filled with taking care of family and work. Besides that, the Industrial Revolution also created an individualist society and there was no sense of family.

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This condition eventually gave birth to various arts, literary, and intellectual movements that opposed the rigors of norms in Europe. The movement tries to remind that emotion is the main thing because that is what distinguishes humans from machines. They want people to be able to enjoy life again by digging deep emotions.

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A mental revolution occurs. The Romanticism Era contains works of art that exaggerate human emotions such as fear, amazement, and love. If you read literature on the Romanticism Era like The Prelude or Alastor or the Spirit of Solitude, you will understand that writers at that time tended to manipulate love. You download I Miss You Cards Downloadable.