Jaguar is mainly found living on the American continent. At first glance, it will be difficult to distinguish between jaguars and leopards. However, when observed more closely, the speckle pattern on the jaguar skin is different from that of the leopard.

Jaguar coloring pages five

Jaguar coloring pages five. Image via

Before knowing the facts about jaguars, it is better to understand in advance the classification of these exotic animals. Jaguar is a member of three big cats (others are lions and tigers). Jaguar is also the largest cat found on the American continent.

Jaguar coloring pages four

Jaguar coloring pages four. Image via

Jaguar has a weight between 50-100 kilograms. Adult jaguar lengths range from 1.5 to 1.8 meters with a height of 60-75 cm. Jaguar is a solitary animal (living alone) and can live up to 12 years. In captivity, the jaguar can live between 20-23 years. Spots (spots) on the jaguar skin have the same pattern. These patterns are small spots surrounded by larger ones.

Jaguar coloring pages one

Jaguar coloring pages one. Image via

Jaguar skin is yellow or reddish brown in color. However, sometimes these animals experience Melanism so that they have black skin with black spots as well. Albinism can also be found in very rare cases. This species is then called the white jaguar because it has white skin.

Jaguar coloring pages three

Jaguar coloring pages three. Image via

According to jaguars, this animal was once found on the Mexican border, but today it can only be found in the Amazon valley. Jaguar generally lives in rainforests, swamp areas, grasslands, and deciduous forests.

Jaguar coloring pages two

Jaguar coloring pages two. Image via

In particular, the jaguar can be found in northern Mexico, the northern and central parts of South America, and the Amazon rainforest. Jaguar lives alone and marks territory with their filth.

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Jaguar hunting especially at night. Jaguar prey includes deer, monkeys, cattle, and various types of reptiles. Jaguar kills by piercing the skull of its prey using its sharp and strong teeth. Jaguar Coloring Pages One Downloadable has several pictures inside it.

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