Looking at Lazarus Coloring Pages for All Ages, your mind must be jumped into the story of Lazarus. It can be concluded that the Lazarus was real.

lazarus coloring pages resurrection

lazarus coloring pages resurrection. Image via www.supercoloring.com

Instead of looking at Lazarus Coloring Pages for All Ages continuously? Why wouldn’t you read the whole story below?

lazarus coloring pages lazarus

lazarus coloring pages lazarus. Image via www.coloringhome.com

The passage of Jesus raising Lazarus is quite long. Like the story of Jesus‘ conversation with Samaritan women, in the Eucharistic reading last week. It is said that on Jesus’ journey from Jerusalem to Galilee, Jesus heard the news that Lazarus was sick. This Lazarus, and his two sisters: Martha and Maria live in Bethany. What is great about Lazarus, so that the news of his pain needs to be conveyed to Jesus? It is only mentioned in the Gospels that Jesus loved Lazarus and this poor family very much. And Jesus often stopped by their homes. But returning to Bethany is risky. Just now, the Jews were about to be stoned.

lazarus coloring pages lazarus single

lazarus coloring pages lazarus single. Image via www.grassroots.com.au

lazarus coloring pages lazarus and friend

lazarus coloring pages lazarus and friend. Image via www.coloringhome.com

However, the pain of Lazarus seemed to compel Jesus to return to Judea. Students forbid Him. But then Jesus told him that Lazarus was not only sick but was dead. The situation becomes dilemmatic. It can be seen from Thomas’s comment, “Let us go also to die with Him”. For Thomas and the disciples, it was clear that returning to Judea was only looking for death. Moreover, it came to the poor family of Bethany, who certainly would not have enough reason to make the Jews, not stoning Jesus. In fact, it emphasizes more examples of people who are condemned by God.

lazarus coloring pages Jesus and Lazarus

lazarus coloring pages Jesus and Lazarus. Image via www.2.bp.blogspot.com

You can download Lazarus Coloring Pages for All Ages quickly! Tell the story of the Lazarus while holding the coloring pages as the property.

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