Did you know about Leaf Coloring Pages Printable? You must be taught by the teacher about the leaf in while you are in the school.

leaf coloring pages vile

leaf coloring pages vile. Image via www.cololingville.vom

Well, the coloring pages represented the pictures of the leaf on Leaf Coloring Pages Printable.

leaf coloring pages leaf 3

leaf coloring pages leaf 3. Image via www.coloringnow.com

There is a feeling of calm and peace when we look at the leaves. The green color of the leaves produces an image that feels “cool” in the eyes. But, have you ever wondered why the leaves are green? what are the typical colors of the leaves green?

leaf coloring pages leaf 2

leaf coloring pages leaf 2. Image via www.321coloringpages.com

Apparently, the leaves are green because of the dominance of green pigments, called chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b, which are in plant fibers that function to absorb sunlight for the photosynthesis process (a process of synthesizing food essence with the help of sunlight). The green pigments are located and made inside a part of the cell, a plastide, called chloroplasts. The green pigment covers other color pigments such as beta-carotene and also yellow (xanthophylls).

leaf coloring pages leaf 1

leaf coloring pages leaf 1. Image via www.bestcoloringforkids.com

Well, too, if this turns out to be influenced by several factors, including differences in the composition and biochemical content, the presence or absence of feather/hair arrangements on leaf surfaces, differences in plant habitat, age of leaves, etc. In fact, leaf design can also affect the appearance of the green color of the leaf.

leaf coloring pages fall leaves

leaf coloring pages fall leaves. Image via www.abcteach.com

But clearly, the percentage of chlorophyll per area of ​​leaf surface plays an important role in determining the greenness of leaves. There are not many other factors that influence the appearance of green leaf color. For example, the presence of certain diseases in the leaves or plants, the lack or excess of certain nutrients, also affects the green color of the leaves.

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