Is this a Lotus? Frequently the question arises when I post a picture of a Lotus flower or Lotus on FB or IG from my friend. Sometimes friends are still confused to distinguish between the two. Even though this plant is clearly different in character and shape. Almost similar, because this flower has a pistil that is shaped like a bright fire in the middle. Also the same water plants. I was the same way. Consider the same Lotus flower or Lotus. You can get the pictures of lotus here on our site for the learning media. Just grab Lotus Flower Coloring Page for Good Grades.

lotus flower coloring page 1

lotus flower coloring page 1. Image via

It turns out that the two flowers are different. I would like to share a little about what the difference between the two flowers is physically as far as I know. You need to take Lotus Flower Coloring Page for Good Grades with you.

lotus flower coloring page 2

lotus flower coloring page 2. Image via

Lotus or also called Nymphaea or Water Lily. Having more regular flower petals, sharp and overlapping shapes. The shape is firmer. The flowers wither quickly. It blooms in the morning, but before noon, the flowers wilt or bud again.

lotus flower coloring page 3

lotus flower coloring page 3. Image via

The next day can only bloom again. It seems he is ashamed of the sun. Can last up to three days, and then fall out. The leaves are round or oval, the screens are bulkheaded to the stalk and stuck to the water. Many grow in swamps. If it’s flowering, it’s beautiful.

lotus flower coloring page 4

lotus flower coloring page 4. Image via

lotus flower coloring page 5. Image via

As far as I met, many colors are owned. Dark pink, purple, yellow, white. The type also varies. There are large and small flowering. The leaves also have green and red. Quickly use Lotus Flower Coloring Page for Good Grades and get ready to get the good shape.

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