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Mandala is a complicated symbol of the universe; these parts of the universe then symbolize various elements or aspects of Buddhism. Mandala is a lot of variety. This variety is even recreated through paintings, 3-D models, and sand powder. Regardless of the type of behavior that uses it, the mandala is a sophisticated tool.

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Mandala originated in India thousands of years ago, as a tool for certain advanced Hindu and Buddhist meditation practices. In the present, mandala has entered into the consciousness of the general public. In the early 20th century, Carl Jung, a psychoanalyst from Switzerland, introduced mandala to Western thought as a therapeutic way to explore nature that it was conscious. Over the years, pop culture has used the term “mandala” not only for New Age images, but also used as a brand name for hotels, spa venues, nightclubs, magazines, and so on.

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In tantric practices, meditators negate their self-image in the form of a solid and fixed “me”, instead they imagine themselves in the form of a yidam, or Buddha-figure [See: What is Tantra?]. This symbolizes one or more fully enlightened Buddhist elements, such as the example of Avalokiteshvara as a manifestation of compassion. Tantric actors imagine themselves in the form of Avalokiteshvara and feel that they manifest compassion as he did. By imagining that we have been able to help other beings as that Buddha-figure while fully realizing that we have not yet arrived there-we can build causes for our own enlightenment in a useful and effective way.

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