Mcdonalds Coloring Pages Free Download is the collections of pictures were you can find the images of coloring pages. This restaurant was founded by Richard & Maurice McDonald’s in 1937 east of the city of Pasadena. At that time McDonald’s was only a Drive-In the restaurant, which at that time was growing rapidly in the Drive-In trend. The restaurant building is rectangular, by exposing the kitchen space and not having a seat inside the restaurant. The two brothers then intended to further develop their restaurant, which at that time was quite successful and profitable.

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The focus of its development is on the speed of service which is expected to increase the volume of consumer purchases. The main concepts applied are speed, affordable prices, and volume. This restaurant also has its own logo, The Golden Arch. This logo was designed by George Dexter who is a neon sign designer. This logo has a bright yellow color and is simple, easy to remember and also indirectly reflects the letter “M” from McDonald’s. At that time, there was intense competition in the Drive-In business and McDonald’s brothers and sisters experienced difficulties in organizing and mobilizing what was needed to develop their business.

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And that’s when they met someone named Ray Kroc. Ray Kroc was the one who helped the McDonald’s brothers to develop the business. So it is not true if so far people considered Ray Kroc who founded McDonald’s for the first time. The first McDonald’s restaurant is not the first McDonald’s. Ray Kroc then developed the restaurant through the fast food concept.

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