For base stats that increase are Attack increased by 20 points, Special Attack increased by 50 points, and Special Defense increased by 30 points, overall an increase of 100 points. Both Charizard and Mega Charizard Y are Pokemon with a Fire-Flying type combination. Charizard’s abilities are Blaze and Solar Power’s hidden ability. While Mega Charizard Y has the ability Drought with effects such as Sunny Day which will increase the damage of Fire-type attacks also weaken Water-type attacks, and make Solar Beam attacks, which are attacks with type Grass can be used every turn. You can take the pictures of mega Charizard here on Mega Charizard Coloring Page Best Quality Sheets.

mega charizard coloring page 1

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mega charizard coloring page 2

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Charizard and Mega Charizard Y are weak against attacks with the type of Water and Electric, which will do double damage, even very weak against attacks with type Rock, which can do damage up to four times what they should receive. Just download the sheets named Mega Charizard Coloring Page Best Quality Sheets with you.

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The advantage of the Fire-Flying combination is that it is strong enough to resist attacks with Fighting, Steel, Fire, and Fairy types, which will only do half the damage. Meanwhile, Bug and Grass-type attack only deal a quarter of the damage that they are supposed to receive. As for having the Flying-type, it will make it invulnerable, immune, to attacks with the Ground type, which under normal conditions does no damage at all.

mega charizard coloring page 5

mega charizard coloring page 5. Image via

The basic difference between Mega Charizard X and Y is in the combination of the two types. Black is the main color of Mega Charizard X by having a Fire-Dragon type combination.

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The black body of Mega Charizard X resembles Shiny Charizard. As for Mega Charizard Y, it has the same body color and Fire-Flying type combination, which is the same as ordinary Charizard. You need to get Mega Charizard Coloring Page Best Quality Sheets for quick.