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Welcoming the release of the new Mega Man 11 game that was released earlier this month, what if we were a little retrospective to recognize the iconic characters in this franchise again? Some of these characters are the protagonists and antagonists that we find in the game. The nuances of the futuristic world and the character of robots with sophisticated weapons make this series a favorite of many people.

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Just straight away, here are the seven best iconic characters in the Mega Man series that have been around since 1987. The blue character that became the Mega Man icon finally got the code that became his name, X in one of his best games, Mega Man ZX. Previously, we knew this blue robot as Mega Man or Rockman for a series from Japan. He is the face of a game franchise that has been popular for 30 years. In almost all the games, his ability to shoot energy from his right hand did not change and became a characteristic that made him very famous. Naturally, if he becomes a subscription if Mega Man is appointed to the crossover series such as Smash Bros or Marvel VS Capcom.

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The protagonist who usually appears first as a villain is arguably the best and coolest character. This indifferent personality becomes an interesting story pressure. Even though X always tries to be a friend for him, Zero always thinks of himself as a lone wolf aka no other person needs to support him. On several occasions, Zero became a secondary character that players could use to adventure. This changes the battle’s point of view to be more beat-em-up because of weapons and Zero’s ability that rests at close range.

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