One of the biggest mysteries in the world Cryptozoology is a half-human half fish called Mermaid or a mermaid. Because of its strange character, this creature is then more often associated with mysticism than science.

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Mermaid is a term given to aquatic creatures that have bodies from the waist up like women while the waist down is like a fish. Even though we have only heard of this creature from a collection of tales, the existence of this creature can be traced in the literature up to 2,000 years ago.

mermaid tail coloring page 5

mermaid tail coloring page 5. Image via

mermaid tail coloring page 4

mermaid tail coloring page 4. Image via

The word Mermaid comes from the word Mere which means Sea (in ancient English) and the word Maid which means female. So, a creature called Mermaid is a half-human creature of half-fish that is female, while the male sex is called Merman.

mermaid tail coloring page 3

mermaid tail coloring page 3. Image via

In fairy tales, this creature is said to like sitting on a rock near the beach, singing, holding a mirror while admiring its own beauty. His singing is called a mystical power so that people who hear it will be fascinated by death by drowning.

mermaid tail coloring page 2

mermaid tail coloring page 2. Image via

Mermaid Tail Coloring Page can be downloaded only by clicking on the right and select save.

mermaid tail coloring page 1

mermaid tail coloring page 1. Image via

You can also use the Mermaid Tail Coloring Page in your class. Not only that, if you have children who like to draw, you can use the worksheets as the media to train your learning process.

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All in all, you can download Mermaid Tail Coloring Page for free.

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