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Lionel’s parents’ name Messi is Jorge and Celia and has a brother named Rodrigo and Matias and has a younger sister named Maria Sol. Messi Has a grandmother who is named the same as his mother, Celia. The grandmother passed away in 1998, long before Messi bought many individual titles such as the best European player, the world’s best player, the best player in the Club World Cup, as well as the other best players.

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Beginning of the Life Story of Messi. Messi was born in Rosario – Argentina, June 24, 1987. He had kicked anything round – from plastic, pieces of cloth, to rubber pieces – at the age of two. His grandmother was the first person to buy Messi a plastic ball at the age of three. when the mother was worried Messi was injured because of colliding with her friends who had a greater physical, the grandmother called out instead.

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Messi is not from a wealthy family, though not poor. His father, Jorge, was a supervisor of the Acindar steel company. His mother is a part-time cleaning service officer. in between his work, Jorge sometimes trains his children in his village to play football, including Rodrigo and Matias.

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But Grandma Celia’s eyes are sharper than her daughter-in-law, Jorge, in seeing Messi’s talent. One day in 1992, the grandmother came to the local club coach, Grandoli, Salvador Aparicio.

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