Creeper is one of the mobs (enemies in Minecraft) that you might encounter at the beginning of the game in the Minecraft game. They can approach silently then hiss behind you and then blow themselves up. In addition, they are also immune to sunlight and can produce high damage to your hit points, making them an enemy that is difficult to fight for players who are just starting to play. Fortunately, there are many ways in the game that can be used against them.

minecraft creeper coloring page 1minecraft creeper coloring page 1

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Catch raw fish (raw fish). Create a fishing rod from three sticks and two strings. Use a fishing rod in a puddle and right-click when you see a trail in the water leading to the hook. Continue to do this step until you get raw fish.
The fish trail will not appear if the Particles graphics settings on the Video Settings menu are set to the lowest rule. Enchantment tables can improve the ability of a fishing rod.

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minecraft creeper coloring page 2. Image via

Tame Ocelot. Feed Ocelot with raw fish to turn it into a tame cat that will follow wherever you go until they are told to shut up. If you have one or more cats that follow, Creeper will stay away from you before they can blow themselves up.
You can more often find Ocelot in areas above sea level on grass or leaves in forest biomes. Make a pit trap. Make a stair about 4 x 4 blocks wide so you can more easily lure Creeper into the hole. Make a 23-blockhole and make a ladder on the wall opposite the hole. Creeper fishing into the hole, then rise above the surface as they fall and die.

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minecraft creeper coloring page 3. Image via

Minecraft Creeper Coloring Page Downloadable can be used for all the students in the world. You can use the worksheets for free.

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Minecraft Creeper Coloring Page Downloadable can be downloaded for free. You just need to save it by clicking on the right and select save to download.

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Well, the Minecraft Creeper Coloring Page Downloadable is free for you. just let the file comes to your folder.

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