Protestant missionaries are also referred to as sending (from Dutch which means sending). Missionaries / Zending are intended to spread Christianity through the message of salvation given by God to the whole world. The missionary is a Catholic preacher while sending is a Protestant preacher. Here you can see the pictures of some missionaries from Missionary Coloring Pages High Quality.

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A missionary is someone who has experienced the Father’s Love so that he is compelled to share the Father’s Love He experienced with people who did not know God at all. You can download the sheets from Missionary Coloring Pages High Quality. Choose the one that you liked!

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A Missionary becomes like a person who is lost in memory and forgets what has become his old life, a luxurious and comfortable life, to a life that focuses on loving service to the poor, the sick, who are in remote villages far from urban outreach, even to tribes who are in the interior of the forest.

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A missionary knows his calling correctly, that he did all of that because the salvation he had received was not to seek salvation but to share it with fellow humans. You just need to get Missionary Coloring Pages High Quality which can be very good for you.

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