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Forget the figure of the blond princess who lives in a magnificent palace, dressed in a dress that sweeps the floor, with a crown over her head, surrounded by members of the royal family and a handsome prince figure. Now, Disney seems to be trying to break the stigma of a princess who has long been embedded in the minds of Disney Princess fans. The blonde-haired princess, in glass shoes, lives in a luxurious palace with a fluffy dress while waiting for the handsome prince to come.

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Previously, Disney had previously introduced the Princess Merida figure in Disney Pixar’s Brave film which was released in 2012. In this film, Merida is told as a red-haired princess who is good at archery.

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Moana is described as a 16-year-old teenager who has an attachment to the ocean. Born and raised as the successor to the chief of the tribe on Motonui Island, Moana’s destiny has actually been written as a leader. But on the way, he tried to find the true identity of his people. With the help of his grandmother, Moana tried to find the ‘root’.

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