Mike (Billy Crystal) and Sulley (John Goodman) turn out to be hostile and compete with each other. How can? Are they the best partners and coolest friends? Yes, in the end, they did become close friends, as we saw in ‘Monsters Inc. ‘ 12 years ago. But, did you know that long before they worked together, long before they were confused by the existence of a human child at Monster Inc. where they work, they go to the same place?

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The feud between Mike and Sulley is the main plot of  ‘Monsters University’, the prequel of Pixar hits animation released in 2001. In ‘Monsters University ‘, Mike is a geeky monster who entered Monster University so he can scare him. That’s why he majored in Scare. There he met James P. Sullivan – or Sulley – who sucks and arbitrarily. Immediately they clashed until finally an incident in the Scare class made them expelled from the department.

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Their relationship that was not good became more complicated. Until finally there was a scaring contest that made Mike return to struggle to prove that he was not the first monster like everyone thought. Together with the members of Oozma Kappa and Sulley, Mike also arranged a plan to prove that they were the best monster ever.

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