The Ford Mustang is identical to the muscular car or also called a muscle car. But in the beginning, Ford produced the Mustang as a sports car that was suitable for the day, you know. Do not believe? You can download our pictures here named Mustang Coloring Pages for Play.

mustang coloring pages 1

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Launching from Road and Track, the FordHeritage YouTube channel uploaded a Ford Mustang advertisement video in 1965.

In the two-minute commercial, Ford showed the superiority of the Mustang as a sports car for the day.

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The Ford Mustang coupe (two-door) uses a 2 + 2 seat formation. That is, two rear passenger seats can be folded flat when not in use. Just take Mustang Coloring Pages for Play with you.

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The result, car trunk will be very flat and spacious, which is even said to be able to carry stairs and ski boards.

mustang coloring pages 4

mustang coloring pages 4. Image via

The relief of the 1965 Ford Mustang car trunk was said to be a good selling point. Because, many of the latest cars that do not have these features.
Ford Mustang can be used to carry four passengers at the same time or carry large luggage, by folding the rear passenger seat.

mustang coloring pages 5

mustang coloring pages 5. Image via

With the flexibility of features and a very powerful V8 engine, it’s clear that the 1965 Ford Mustang is clearly a sports car that is suitable for the day. Well, what do you think? Quickly take our sheets called  Mustang Coloring Pages for Play.

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