People all over the world surely know ninja. You can go to any country and ask someone there to describe the characteristics of a ninja and you will get the same description, “A man in black with a sharp sword and throwing a star-shaped weapon”. Ninja has made it into almost every form of media; video games, films, comic books, novels, and even radio dramas. Even Batman is a ninja! You can get the pictures of ninja here on Ninja Coloring Pages High Quality.

The general perception of the ninja is so inherent that there are some scientists who believe that they never really existed. They are just a really interesting part of Japanese mythology that has been adapted and adopted by American culture. But, they are wrong. Ninja is real and the facts about ninja are far more interesting than the myth. Just take Ninja Coloring Pages High Quality and get ready to feel the hype.

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Ninja became famous for their exploitation in the 100-year period of Japanese history known as Sengoku Jidai or the time of war. At this time, the central government in Japan had basically collapsed and warlords scattered throughout the country began to fight each other to fight over land, resources, and power. Ninja acts as an asymmetrical force against samurai, warlords, and soldiers. They are experts in spying, killing and spreading false and misleading information. But the history of the origin of the ninja existed long before that time.

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The origin of the ninja can be found in Yama bushi (which means “mountain warrior”) and as sweet as it sounds, yama bushi is not actually a warrior. They are branches of the priests who live in the mountains and worship nature by almost completely alienating themselves from civilization. In other words, they are people who have very great survival abilities. Yama bushi generally settles in mountainous terrain and difficult terrain in the regions of Iga and Koka. Young ninjas will be trained in survival techniques by Yama Bushi and will adapt these teachings to spying and killing.

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To understand why ninja was originally formed, we must understand Japanese society at the time. At that time, the samurai were the ruling class. They are the top of the cultural pyramid in Japan. The concept of the samurai we have today is very romantic, but in reality, everyday life under the power of samurai is very unpleasant. Strict norms of honor and treating others with compassion are only limited and apply between one samurai and another samurai.

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Two groups of farmers decided that they did not like this kind of lifestyle, so they freed themselves and formed their own small community. The two villages are Iga and Koka. They founded a democratic society where your position in society was not entirely based on a certain degree of descent. They knew that they would be attacked by various warlords around them, so they established their village in the mountains with many defensive advantages. Realizing that they could never survive to face a larger and trained samurai army, they learned from Yama Bushi and formed ninja. You can get Ninja Coloring Pages High Quality for quick access.