Good news for Hard Rockers who love films, Warner Bros. will release its latest film, The Lego Ninjago, having previously released other lego series The Lego Movie and The Lego Batman Movie. You are going to take Ninjago Coloring Games for Play. 

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The second spin-off from The Lego Movie will focus on the main character of the Ninjago franchise, Lloyd Garmadon, where he will accept the truth about his father’s figure, however, in addition, there will be a huge threat attacking his homeland.
“It’s OK, Lloyd, nobody’s parents are perfect”.

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But what if your father likes to destroy cities and attack innocent people? It’s like a nightmare for Lloyd, that fact must be faced by Lloyd because the villain on the planet who is also the biggest enemy of Ninjago city is his own father! Ninjago residents also joined away from Lloyd. Just take Ninjago Coloring Games for Play with you.

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However, Lloyd’s five friends (Cole, Nya, Jay, Kai, Zane), known as a ninja, could not stay silent watching their city be destroyed, they helped Lloyd in saving the city even though it meant that Lloyd had to fight his own father. Dave Franco will fill in the voices for Lloyd’s character, Hard Rockers!

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Because of his attack, almost the entire city and Ninjago City residents’ businesses were destroyed! Because of his doing too, Garmadon feared the entire contents of the city.

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In this film, it is told that Garmadon (Justin Theroux) is Lloyd’s father who left him when Lloyd was a baby. Although in this story Garmadon is told evil and cold, Lloyd still wants to be close and want to know the cause why his father became the evilest man on the planet. Well, what do you waiting for? Our collections called  Ninjago Coloring Games for Play are going to be the best sheets for you.

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