Frozen films over the past few months has been in great demand both in terms of stories and various songs on the big screen. For those of you who have children under 10 years, hunting for merchandise from the film seems to be an obligation to please the baby.  May the frozen production team also consider the production of Olaf Coloring Pages for Class. 

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The popularity of the Elsa name, for example, increased 34% since the big screen was released towards the end of 2013. For those of you who don’t know, Elsa is one of the names of the main characters, the queen of the Arendelle kingdom who has the power to create ice.

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Besides Elsa, Anna’s name, who played the queen’s sister, also became popular. Previously the name Anna was enough to be a parent’s favorite for baby names. In the list of popular baby names, Anna was ranked 37th. After the film Frozen was released, her ranking rose to number 35. Well,  the existence of Olaf Coloring Pages for Class marked the existence of this character.

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The names of male characters in Frozen, Kristoff, and Hans also became the choice of many parents to name their baby boys. Compared to 2013, now the two names are increasing by 40%.

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For those of you who are watching Frozen, you are certainly familiar with the names of other characters, namely Sven and Olaf. Sven is the name of Kristoff’s wild reindeer. While Olaf is a snowman made by Elsa. Now both names are also quite popular as baby names. What do you waiting for? Take Olaf Coloring Pages for Class with you.

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