Mandala comes from Sanskrit which means circle. A mandala is a form of design pattern (symbol) made to represent wholeness in a personal or cosmological way. Much influenced by Hindu and Buddhist culture, the design of the mandala has a spiritual meaning. Usually, mandala designs are favored by designers who like the universe. Here, you can try to download the coloring pages named Online Mandala Coloring Free Download.


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It consists of several pictures which are collected on  Online Mandala Coloring Free Download.

Online Mandala Coloring For Kids

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Online Mandala Coloring Free

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So, where did the term mandala come from? In the Hindu approach, the notion of mandala is related to the understanding of Yantra, Sri cakra and Shiva lingga. Yantra is a geometric shape like in its simplest form, a point (Bindu) or an inverted triangle. There are various forms that are very complicated, symmetrical and non-symmetrical, which can be called Yantra. While Shiva Lingga is Chala (moving) or Achala (immobile). Chala Lingga can be placed in a temple or home.

Online Mandala Coloring Halloween

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Online Mandala Coloring Heart

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In conclusion, the mandala is centered on Mount Meru. A mountain that is believed to be the center of the universe. In the Tantrayana belief, the mandala also describes the nature of the residence of the holy beings, which is very important for the ritual or Tantra Sadhana.

Online Mandala Coloring Winter

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