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Pagan Coloring Pages

Have you ever known about Pagan Coloring Pages?

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Every day of the week, everyone “follows” the pagan tradition to thank the gods. In ancient Mesopotamian culture, astrologers set the names of gods as the name of the day of the week. A few centuries later, Romans and Germans, after starting to use seven days a week, began adjusting the names to suit their own God.

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pagan coloring pages emoji angei. Image via

Reported to, this habit was dominated by Germanic and Norse gods who lived until now. Sunday (Sunday- Sun’s Day) is the sun’s day, the name of the Roman pagan belief holiday. Many people have worshiped the sun and the sun god (Ra).

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Monday (Monday-Monandeg) is the day of the month originating from Anglo-Saxon culture. pagan Coloring Pages can be downloaded for free. You need to click on the right and select save to download.

pagan coloring pages baby
pagan coloring pages baby. Image via

All in all, if you have any questions regarding  Pagan Coloring Pages, just ask us the questions. Our team will answer the questions with a good answer.

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pagan coloring pages baby cute. Image via

You can also use the worksheets on the class together with several videos you can download.

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